When is it going to end?!

Hey, ya’ll! I’m sorry for not posting much. It has been so crazy around here! I’ve had some near death experiences within the last few days. I’m not joking!

The rain and tornadoes haven’t let up much! It has been day after day of rain, tornadoes, and flooding. I’ve never seen anything like this ever! It has been heart breaking to see my City and State go through this. All we can do is pray which is the best thing we can do!!

Sunday morning we had a tornado come really close to our house. And by Sunday morning I really mean “morning”. It was around 12am and 1am when it started to get really bad. I didn’t go to sleep until 4am I think. It started in OKC (Oklahoma City) and when it was in OKC it hit a hotel and then a RV park behind the hotel and it killed 2 people. And left a lot of people hurt. One person even had to climb over a car in his hotel room to get out that’s how bad it was! It started to make it’s way down to my area. And it caused some damage! There was a lot of wind damage. Really big trees was uprooted because the ground is so soft it is just pulling them up by the roots. We are trying to get our City put back together after this tornado. After the tornado Sunday there was a earthquake at 7am in OKC. We can’t get a break.

Here is some pictures from the damage the tornado caused Sunday.

When that tornado came it also was kind enough to bring 1 or 2 more inches of rain. (Like we needed it…) We was already flooding and now we are really flooding!! The water level is crazy!

At the Keystone dam they are letting out 275,000 cubic feet of water per second. That is nearly 2 million gallons every second. I also heard that the Keystone dam is letting out more water than Niagara Falls. Now just imagine the flooding we are dealing with! And they are actually going to let more water out because we are going to get more rain.

They are also expecting one of our levees to break at any moment!! Which will not help us. They have the U.S Army walking and watching the levee 24/7. So when it breaks people can be warned. Here is a picture of the Keystone dam.

The Keystone dam

Here are some pictures of the flooding happening around my area.

Do you see that house?!

This is a submarine people could go in but the water has broken it away from the chains that held in down and it is now floating in the flood waters.

Today we are supposed to have more storms. Worse than the Sunday storms we had. I am not looking forward to it. And it is going to bring about 3 more inches of rain or more. And we can’t handle anymore rain!!

I don’t know if God is trying to make a point or something but if He is someone please get the point so it will stop raining! We don’t need more rain!! Lord, help us! Oklahoma is called – God’s Country!

There is a update from me in Oklahoma. One of my friends was gone on a road trip and she asked me “What have you been up to?” and I said, “Chasing tornadoes!”. Which is true. I feel like I’m a storm chaser. Lol.

Please keep Oklahoma in your prayers! We all are have a bad year right now. But we will continue to help each other and we will get through this In Jesus Name!! It’s all in God’s hands!


Happy (late) Memorial Day!! NEVER forget the fallen! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you so muchΒ HannahΒ for nominating me for this award!! Everyone go follower her!!




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Questions from Hannah:

1. If you were given a million dollars, what would you do?

Give some of it to family and friends and then give the rest to the Lord.


2.What if your family left you at home and went on a holiday themselves, what would you do first?



3. Where was the last place you went for a holiday?

The last place I went for a holiday was my grandparents house. We don’t go anywhere out of state for any holidays.


4. Bananas or jackfruit?

Bananas. I’ve never seen, heard, or tasted a Jackfruit. lol.


5. Describe yourself in 5 words.

Honest. Loyal. Genuine. Nice. Crazy.


6. What’s your shoe size?

It depends on the shoe. It can range from a 5 to 7 1/2. But, it is mostly a size 6.


7. How many times have you been to the beach?

I’ve never been to a beach…


8. Have you had a sleepover at a friend’s house before? Was it fun?

Yes, I have! And yes, it was really fun!


9. What countries have you been to? (or any of the states)

I’ve never been out of the country. But I’ve been to: Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, And Florida. I think that’s it.


10. If you were given an opportunity to go out with a friend, where would you go, and who would you bring?

I would bring my friend Halie who lives 1 hour and 15 minutes away from me and we would go fishin’!!Β 


11. How many years have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for about 7 months! This October will make 1 year of blogging! Yay!


Thank you so much for nominating me!!! This was fun!!


Another wedding shoot!

Friday I had another opportunity to shoot another wedding! I was so excited when I got the news they wanted me to shoot the wedding.πŸ˜„

[I didn’t find out I was going to shoot the wedding until 1 hour before the wedding!!]

I was a little stressed but it was fine! It was such a beautiful wedding. Well, I’ll stop rambling now… Here are some of the pictures.

The beautiful bride!

The flower girls dresses.

The Bride and her dad right before he walked her down the aisle.

My favorite!😍

First kiss!

The cake! Each tier was a different flavor!😍
The send off! They left out on a plane it was really cool because he is a pilot.

It was a really cool wedding! And I’m really grateful for the opportunity to shoot another wedding! That is 2 wedding’s I’ve shoot before I’m 16!!🀯 It like a dream come true for me!!

Thank you all for reading!❀

Which is your favorite?

Happy Mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s day to all of the Mother’s out there!

And a special Happy Mother’s day to my mom! You are the absolute best! I love you more than chocolate!πŸ₯°

In my Mother’s arms

Love that has no measure, shelter from the harms, I could live forever in my Mother’s arms.

Ever understanding, sharing all her charms. I know my safe haven is in my Mother’s arms.

If I could say what she means to me I’m sure it would take an eternity. She showed me how to be all I can be and weather all the storms.

She’s always been there, She’s my best friend. Taught me how to stand and when to bend. I could stay forever, in my Mother’s arms.

Her gentle caring eases my pain mysteries of life she can explain. Gives me wisdom to come in out of the rain How my heart she warms.

And I’ll be grateful eternally for the life and breath she gave to me I will be forever in my Mother’s arms.πŸ’œ

Love you mom!πŸ’œ

Friday I had to shoot another wedding so I’ve been busy with editing pictures. (Post coming soon on that). Today we went down to see my grandparents for mother’s day. And I took more pictures.

I found a tiny horse down the road! It was literally the size of a dog!😍
*When you realize tomorrow is Monday* πŸ˜‚

Here are some pictures of my Papa welding. He has been a welder for years!

My favorite!😍

My daddy! Can you tell where I get some of my goofiness from??πŸ˜‚

These next pictures has a story behind it. So in our backyard we have a old fort and these carpenter bees have made it their home. And if you didn’t know carpenter bees are VERY AGGRESSIVE! (I learned that pretty soon after messing with them). So I was mowing the lawn and this dumb bee thought it would be a good idea to dive-bomb my head!!! I didn’t think it was cool. So I finished mowing and then I got a old broom we had and I was standing half way inside the house for a quick getaway. And I threw the broom and hit the bee and it was MAD!πŸ˜‚ And I slammed the door and stayed inside.πŸ˜‚ (No… I didn’t kill the bee or hurt it I just made it mad.)

It is so big!!!🀯

Here are some rose pictures.

I think that’s all for now. I hope all of the moms had a great Mother’s day! πŸ’œ

Thanks for reading!πŸ˜‰

In a Moment…

Are you struggling with something?

Are you mad at a friend or family member?

Are you holding a grudge against someone who has treated you wrong?

I’m sure we all can say “yes” to those questions. Can’t we? Of course we can we are human.

Most of us are caught up with family drama, friend drama, or just drama that the world causes us every day.

But is it really worth it?

It only takes a moment and your life could change dramatically. Anything could happen…

We shouldn’t get so caught up with drama and things of this world when in a moment your life or someone else’s life could be gone…

In the end does the drama or what someone did to you really matter? We shouldn’t hold grudges or try to create drama in some else’s life. At any moment your life could be taken away.

We should love more that hate.

It just takes a moment and life could be gone…

The past few weeks have shown me how precious life really is. In just a moment anything could happen.

Love your family and friends now before it’s to late. Share love, not drama.

I’m not saying to act like life is all rainbows and flowers. I know life is hard, trust me! And I know it’s not possible to always be happy or stay out of drama or to not be mad at a family member or friend. It’s just not possible. But we don’t have to hold onto that anger and let that control our relationship with that person.

We all have the right to get mad every now and then but don’t hold onto that anger. It will only hurt you. I promise! There have been several times where I would have to leave my anger at the alter and walk way. And if I didn’t I knew it would effect my relationship with that person and it would eventually turn into bitterness towards that person.

Now if you know me you know I don’t get mad very easily. I’ve only lost my cool about 1 or 2 times at youth or somewhere. When someone is about to make me lose my cool and make me go off I normally always just walk away. Because I know if I stand there much longer I’m going to say something I will regret. And I’ve learned anger will pass but words can not… That old saying… “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is a lie!! Words can last a life time and can destroy! That’s why I always walk away from an argument before I start to open my mouth. It’s better to just walk away than win the argument.

So let go of the anger and drama. And love your family and friends.

Because in a moment everything could change…