Changed Forever!! 2018

I can't believe that I'm blogging at 2am and I have to get up at 9am for church! I better do it now, because, I probably won't have time to later. The 31st is my brothers birthday anyway, so I might as well blog now while I have time! I can't believe he is going … Continue reading Changed Forever!! 2018

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you all have had a awesome Christmas. I hope you made lasting memories with friends and family! Enjoy the rest of 2018, and make the best of it. And don't forget about the one who was born, and died for you!! Thank you for reading and have a Merry Christmas, … Continue reading Merry Christmas

It’s beginning to look like Christmas!!🎄

2 days until Christmas, Ya'll!! 🤗 And it is, currently, 55°F outside.😂 Oklahoma doesn't know it's supposed to be cold, right now. Other than the weather, it is (kinda) starting to feel like Christmas. All of the Christmas music, wrapped gifts, and shopping, it is feeling like Christmas!! I hope you all have an incredible … Continue reading It’s beginning to look like Christmas!!🎄