•The Clouds Before Dawn•

Have you ever noticed that you can’t see clouds at night sometimes? Unless you live in the city or if there is a lot of moon light you can’t see the clouds at night.

I’ll explain how I came up with making this post.

I was driving to work and it was pitch black and as the sun started to rise, I looked up and I seen the clouds that were in the sky. I didn’t even see them until the sun came up just a tiny bit.

As I was driving my mind started going and this popped into my head… that’s how God is…

When you’re going through a storm and its pitch black you can’t see that God is there sometimes. You can just see what’s in front of you, but as the sun starts to rise you start to see things that were there with you in the dark all along. You can’t see God in the darkness of a storm sometimes, but when the sun starts to rise you will see the clouds were there and never left.

Don’t go off of what you can see, because you never know what is really there when you’re in the middle of darkness. God is always there, you just might not be able to see him in the darkness just like the clouds. Just keep holding on until the sun rises and you see your clouds!

Micah 7:8 KJV

“Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.”

~Vanessa W

6 thoughts on “•The Clouds Before Dawn•

  1. Oh V! This just gave me chills! We do often forget God is always there, especially in the darkness. Oh what a mighty God we serve! I’m so thankful, you and I, get to see those early morning clouds and skies with our job hours. It has blessed me tremendously! I know you, as well. 🙂 ⛅️

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