It has arrived…

Hey everyone!!

I have news….

My jacket came in and my dress came in too!!

Although I won’t post pictures of my dress, because I don’t want anyone to see it until my actual graduation and graduation banquet….

But today, my mom went out and took pictures of me with my jacket on.

Let me just say, it was work the wait and work to get it…

I have worn it out since I got it and I have had a lot of people comment things to me and I have had people actually laugh at me for wearing it….

Number one… I don’t care. I don’t care what people think of me, because I have worked for 4 years to get this jacket and I will wear it with pride, because I deserve too… and if you have already graduated and had the honor of getting a Letterman’s Jacket then you understand what I mean when I say “I’ll wear it with pride”… I’m sure people will take that out of context and think I’m prideful, but I’m really not….

I worked hard for it and I didn’t get it to just hang on a hanger and leave it in my closet… no… imma wear it!😜

Anyways, here are the pictures… (these are not my senior pictures just a mini shoot for me with my jacket…) thanks, mom!😘

Let me explain the jacket now… all the patches, I mean… the sleeves are genuine leather and the body is wool. The colors – Royal Blue & Gold are my school’s colors.

Top patch: The shooting star is my school’s logo. Bottom patch: Class of 2021

Top patch: The Bible… because Jesus has been my closest friend and been there for me during high school than anyone else. Bottom patch: The Bull… because I was honored to shot the Finals and World Finals at PBR 2020

I absolutely love my jacket and I will definitely be wearing it as much as possible… but it is getting hot here in Oklahoma, so I probably won’t get to wear it much longer…😭

Did you get a Letterman’s Jacket?? Let me know in the comments….

See y’all later!!💜

~Vanessa W

8 thoughts on “It has arrived…

  1. Look at you all gussied up with your Cowboy belt buckle, boots and your letterman jacket! Wear it proud! You do deserve it! I love all the pics, but the 4th is my favorite. I love the look on your face and the grin! It’s SO you! 💜 I’m so proud of you! Do you graduate in May? Send me your mailing address please!💜

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  2. Your rock that jacket girl!! Beautiful photos. 💕

    I never had a letter jacket, but my boyfriend did and he let me wear it. It looked A LOT like yours! Same colors I do believe. I loved that jacket.

    Maybe I should get one? My school colors were red, white and blue. I did have a basic school jacket once. It was a beautiful royal blue I think and white. I’m pretty old for that now, but it is never too late I guess. I didn’t get a class ring either. I didn’t like my birthstone. I should’ve gotten one anyways.

    You wear that jacket all you want sweetheart. I’m so proud of you. ❤️

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  3. Photo #3 is my fav. You get your talent from your mama!
    I had a lettermen jacket. Class of 93. Mine was for band. I had the ladies type jacket. Where there the hood unzipped on the back shoulders and my last name went on it. It was 3/4 length as well. Wonder whatever happened to that thing.
    I am proud of you for being who you want to be. Our goals don’t have to be the goals of others. Good for you

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