Hello, wonderful people of the world!

Hope y’all are doing great!

So, I’ve came to the knowledge that there are more people reading my blog than I realize… Like people I know… I had a conversation yesterday at church with someone in my youth group (If you are reading this hi, you know who you are😜) she told me that there are people that read my blog while at school… I honestly was shocked, because I didn’t think many people knew about my blog that went to church with me…

I thought it was kinda cool that other people I knew read my blog on a daily basis and they enjoy it… on the other hand, I know these people and I want to make sure I’m setting a Godly example for them and I want what they read on my blog to be Godly and uplifting.

Okay, that’s all I’m going to say about that.😜

So, as I told y’all on my other post, I ordered my Letterman’s Jacket/Senior Jacket whatever you want to call it… well, I got an email yesterday saying it will ship tomorrow!! Ahhhh!! I’m so excited, I’ve been waiting for it for almost 2 months. I will share pictures of it when I get it in…

In the mean time, I will show y’all the picture the company who is making my jacket sent me of my patches that are going to be on my jacket….

A cliff hanger…😜 I love the patches already. I will explain each patch once my jacket gets here.

A work update:

My job is not as stressful as it was a few weeks ago. This Saturday will make 1 month of me working at my new job. I have gotten into the routine of things and it is pretty chill now.

My face when people are wanting to get their dog(s) in that day when they already know they have to make an appointment…😑😂
This girl… she looks all sweet, but don’t let her looks fool you…😂

4 thoughts on “Howdy

  1. Well at least you will have the extra tassel! 😂
    Wow! I am so thankful people are reading your blog. You never know who needs the words you are sharing from your heart. Thanks for setting a godly example. That is rare in your age category, but you are doing valiantly, and I’m so proud of you! Love ya, my friend!

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