Random Acts Of Kindness Award 2019

Thank you so much Purple Rose for nominating me for this award!! I’m very thankful and honored!! I’m definitely not worthy of this award. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me. I really appreciate our friendship. You have a heart of gold and you are beautiful inside and out! I can tell you’ve been hurt a lot but you don’t let that hurt stop you and I admire that! Keep fighting day by day.


Michelle from Mws R Writings created this award as a means for us to share with each other random acts of kindness that have touched our lives or those around us. Thank you Michelle for doing this! 




The Random Acts Of Kindness Award rules:

  • Tell who you nominate and why.
  • Copy and share the picture that shows the award, posted above.
  • Share a paragraph of something that impacted your own life in the way of receiving kindness or how you extended kindness to someone else.
  • Nominate anyone or share to your own page. If you so choose to Participate. Tag or pingback to the original person who nominated you, or the original post.



When I was little (Like 5 or 6)  I remember being in line to check out at the store and I seen my favorite gum and as little kids normally do I said “Dad can I have it” he said not this time and I put it back and helped my dad take the stuff out of the basket. We checked out and was walking out of the store when I hear someone running behind me and then I felt someone tapping me on my shoulder. It was the lady that was behind us in line and she handed me the gum that I asked my dad for earlier. She said “I want you to have this! Most kids would have thrown a fit but you just put it back”. I was to shy and I didn’t say thank you. I tried to say thank you but the words wouldn’t come out. But little does that lady know her random act of kindness has stuck with me for many many years! And I promised myself that day I will do the same thing one day for someone else when I have money! You never know how far a random act of kindness can go! This world needs more kindness…


For this Award, I would like to nominate:


(It was really hard to just pick one person for this award! I think everyone deserves it.)


To Dollface: Thank you for being such a great friend! You are a true and genuine person! You are a great blogger and you share nothing but love and kindness! You totally deserve this award! You are the sweetest person!! Keep being who you are and don’t change for anyone. You are very appreciated! 

25 thoughts on “Random Acts Of Kindness Award 2019

  1. Congratulations!!! 😀

    Vanessa, your words brought me to tears ❤ thank you so much for always being kind, sweet friend. You perform random acts of kindness daily, whether you realize it or not. You inspire me constantly, you are the true and genuine one! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend as well, I am so glad to know you. 🙂 Thank you so much for nominating me! ❤

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  2. Thank you for sharing and congratulations!!… 🙂

    “At the end of the day people may not remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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