Tell The Story Challenge

Thank you so much Purple Rose for challenging me to this! I love a good challenge. I’m not the best at this put I will try my best. Thank you again!

The rules are simple: Present a picture, then tell the story of the picture. It can be as short or as long as you want. Nominate at least 3 people to write a story on the photo’s you pick for them.

The picture I have chosen:



We made so many memories together. We were inseparable! Anything could come against us and we didn’t care. You helped me and I helped you. We laughed and cried together we shared so many things together. Time went on and we were forced apart but we still were friends. We stilled talked and hanged out. I don’t know what happened but something changed and you won’t even give me the time of day anymore and I don’t know why… We used to be best friends. You said I was your friend and you would never turn your back on me or hurt me. So… why are you turning your back on me and deliberately hurting me?!

I thought that we were friends but, obviously I was wrong…

I won’t beg for your time and attention any more. The more you ignore me, the more I will get used to being ignored. The more you stay away from me, the more I will adapt to staying away from you. One day I will learn to live without you and move on without you…

So, here I am letting you go… If you want to walk out of my life the door is open. I’m done with apologizing when it isn’t my fault. You are no longer going to get to treat me like I’m dirt and like I’m nothing. If you wanted a true friend… You just lost one… If you push me away I promise you, you won’t find me where you left me. My hearts big, but not big enough to deal with people, who decide to love me when it’s convenient for them…

I’m saying goodbye… And I’m done trying. So, when you finally realize that I’m not trying anymore, I want you to remember this: My silence means… I am tired of fighting and now there is nothing left to fight for. My silence means I am tired of explaining my feeling to you but now I don’t have the energy to explain them anymore. Not that you would care anyway… My silence means I have adapted to the changes in my life and I don’t want to complain. My silence means I am on a self healing process and I am trying to forget everything I ever wanted from you. My silence means I am just trying to move on graceful with all my dignity.

So, this is my Goodbye. I will still love you, but I’m done this time. You’ve used me long enough… Goodbye.

I challenge:

Warren Richards

Amy Blount

Faith on the farm

Lydia Potter


Have fun with it! Do not feel like you have to do this I just want to see what you can come up with.

Here are the pictures to choose from:

Image result for deep meaning pictures

Image result for deep meaning pictures

Image result for pictures

Image result for  pictures

Thank you all for reading!!

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