A mention of his name!!!

I’m back home!!πŸ€— It’s been a fun few days. First, I want to share a miraculous story with you that happened to me and my grandparents.

So, I left Wednesday to head out of town. We met my grandparents and I was riding home with them and then something happened.

So, there was a lot of hay in the road (2 bales of hay) that had fallen off a truck or something. And so we drove through it not thinking about it that much and when we was driving my granny said “the cars on fire”. There was hay that got stuck under the car and caught on fire! The flames were up to the windows of the car!! (Before the hay caught on fire I looked behind us to see if there was anymore cars… There was NO ONE!! Remember that!) Anyway, we slowed down and right about that time I sreamed “Jesus” (In my mind, not out loud because my grandparents aren’t saved and I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable) and all of a sudden the fire was completely gone and we stopped got out and looked and there was a ambulance with it’s lights on and there was a big pile of hay on fire! It was incredible! The ambulance came out of nowhere and it only took me mentioning the name of Jesus!!

So, I’m thankful that God had his hand of protection on me and my grandparents!! I was almost certain that the car was going to burn down!! And, there was no way out for me and my granny, because the flames were up to the windows!! That is One of the reasons I put “God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!!” At the end of every one of my posts! God is ALWAYS good!!

(Now, I can say “I’ve been through the fire!”) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

All jokes aside… I really am grateful for his protection over my family! Thank you, Lord!

God’s good all the time, and all the time God is good!!!!

17 thoughts on “A mention of his name!!!

  1. Wow! Thank God for His protection. He is so good to us. Just this week my brakes went out…thankfully I was in a parking lot and able to get in a safe place and then have my car towed. I’m so thankful it didn’t happen in the middle of traffic!

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