I have a target on my back! And i wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Words just can’t describe what just happened at my youth service last night! (Only 3 hours ago).😂

Bro. Chad Short preached on “The Blessing of a death sentence!”. He said, “the devil put a target on your back the day you got the Holy Ghost!”. And he wants to put ANOTHER ONE on your back if you decide to follow God and NEVER turn back.

You are wondering why all of these bad things are happening to you. It’s because you have a TARGET on your back!! The devil is out to get you! And he wants you more, when you decide to follow God and never look back. He will do ANYTHING to make you lose out with God. ANYTHING!!!!

When you have the devil mad, you have God glad!!

When you choose your target, it’s showing the devil that you aren’t going to give up, no matter what!! But if you choose the target, the devil will NEVER be able to touch you. Because we have a God that has our back, and will never let the devil take us down!! Yes, it may get hard, but just hold on a little bit longer! God is Faithful!

KJV- Micah 7:8 “Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.”

When I fall, I shall arise!! Devil, you can try your best….But honey, you ain’t going to stop me!! I’ve got the Lord on my side and you can’t do NOTHING about it! The devil can attack me physically, spiritually, mentally, or any other way but I’m NOT going to give up! God has a plan for me and I’m going to see it through, In Jesus name!!

Do you want your target?!

Do you want to live for God with everything you have?!

Do you want the blessings of God?!

I WANT MY TARGET!! And I’m going to live for God with everything i have!

I have a target on my back, and I’m glad about it! I CHOOSE MY TARGET!!


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