“Sometimes God allows!”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. There is a family in my church that means a lot to me, and they are going through a hard time right now. But they are going to come out of this situation with the victory!! But, it got me thinking about some of the things God allows to happen in our life. I was talking to one of the family members, today, and she told me about something that happened, and when she was talking a song came to my mind. It’s call “Sometimes God allows” by Adam Crabb. It talks about how God sometimes stops the raging wind, or how he sometimes shields us from the fire. But, it also talks about how sometimes God allows us to go through trails and hearts to break. Some of the lyrics are, “Sometimes in His wisdom, He allows the hurt. We listen for an answer, yet never hear a word. I know it hurts. Oh it hurts.”

We get so caught up into the hurt, and “Why is this happening to me?”. We don’t ever think about how God may have allowed this to come into our life to help us grow or learn something new. I know, I definitely am guilty of it!! I don’t always keep a happy attitude when I’m going through a trail or season. But, eventually in the end, I see how it helped me grow or learn something.

That is just some of the things that have been going through my mind lately. I hope you enjoyed reading!! Thank you, for reading!! Until, next time!! God bless!!

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