Where words fail, music speaks.

Hi, everyone! How are you doing?! I hope ya’ll are having a great Christmas!! Only 8 more days!!!!

Haven’t we all been there, when music just spoke to us?! I know, I definitely have! Most of the time music helps me more than people can. I have always had a strong connection with music, if I can put it that way. Ever since I could speak!! There has been a lot of times when music got me through some of the hardest times. I listen to music probably 80% of my day. (Yes, I have a lot of free time, lol.) And, I am ALWAYS singing!!! I don’t really know if I sound good, but I don’t really care, I’m not singing to awe people, I’m singing for the one who gave me my voice! He gave me it, why wouldn’t I use it as much as I can?? I’m singing to Glorify him anyway!

I thought I would share some of the songs that helped me through some hard times. The songs in Bold, that means they had a REALLY BIG impact on helping through something.

  • I trust you ~ by ~ James Fortune & FIYA
  • Wanna be happy ~ by ~ Kirk Franklin
  • Silence ~ by ~ Anthony Evans
  • God’s Still Faithful ~ by ~ Carr Family
  • Beyond the open door ~ by ~ Gaither Vocal Band
  • He will carry you ~ by ~ The Carr Family
  • Thank you for storm ~ by ~ The Carr Family
  • Only faith can see~ by ~ The Erwins
  • Here’s my everything ~ by ~ The Erwins
  • Give it to God ~ by ~ The Erwins
  • Sands of time ~ by ~ The Carr Family
  • He can take it ~ by ~ Brian Free and Assurance
  • Mysterious ways ~ by ~ Jason Crabb
  • Don’t you think you Ought to worship me ~ by ~ The Wisecarvers
  • Faith like that ~ by ~ Gordon Mote
  • When I couldn’t pray ~ by ~ The Kirklands
  • He’ll make a way ~ by ~ The Crabb Family
  • He knows what he’s doing ~ by ~ Adam Crabb
  • Sometimes he whispers ~ by ~ Adam Crabb
  • He won’t leave you there ~ by ~ Jason Crabb
  • Through the fire~ by ~ The Crabb Family
  • Just when you thought ~ by ~ Joseph Habedank
  • Standing tall ~ by ~ Booth Brothers
  • It’s not over (when God is in it) ~ by ~ Israel & New Breed ft, James Fortune, Jason Nelson 
  •  Blessed ~ by ~ Rachael Lampa
  • He wants it all ~ by ~ Forever Jones
  • I need you ~ by ~ Eddie James
  • I need you ~ by ~ Ultimate call
  • As the deer ~ by ~ Eddie James
  • Be healed ~ by ~ Eddie James
  • Faithful is our God ~ by ~ Hezekiah Walker
  • It’s time ~ by ~ Eddie James & Ultimate Call
  • Breath on me ~ by ~ Eddie James
  • House of prayer ~ by ~ Eddie James
  • Worth ~ by ~ Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy
  • Fighting for me ~ by ~ Athony Evans
  • Still holdin’ on ~ by ~ The Carr Family
  • Sometimes it takes a storm ~ by ~ Jessica King
  • Pray for me ~ by ~ Kirk Franklin


There they are!! And that is just a little bit!! I hope they can help you in the way they helped me! I want to list the songs that are helping me through a trail, right now.

  • Letting go ~ by ~ Jason Crabb
  • Sometimes God allows ~ by ~ Adam Crabb
  • Potter ~ by ~ Tamela Mann 
  • Listen ~ by ~ Marvin Sapp

I think most of us has a song that we call “are song”! And I want to share mine! I can relate to this song in EVERY way!! It couldn’t have been any more perfect for me!

I Never Lost My Praise ~ by ~ Brooklyn Tabernacle Church

Here are some of the lyrics….

” I’ve lost faith in people who said they cared, In time of my crisis they were never there. But in my disappointment, in my season of pain, One thing never wavered, one thing never changed. I never lost my hope, I never lost my joy, I never lost my faith. But most of all, I never lost my praise.” 

It won’t really mean anything to you, until you’ve lived through it. That’s why it means so much to me!!

I hope you all have enjoyed!! I hope you all have a blessed week! Thank you, for reading, until next time!!

Question of the day: What is “your song”, and why?



YFT Christmas Banquet 2018

Oh. My. Word. YA’LL!! The Christmas banquet was AWSOME!! From the food, to the singing, to the skit! It was so much fun! They did an awesome job this year. And don’t even get me started on the decorations, BEAUTIFUL! Everyone had a blast, we was all dying from laughing so hard at the skit they put on.


I curled ALL of my hair this year, I normally wear it up. I hate wearing my hair down, it gets in my way, lol. Shout out to my mom for curling my hair for me! (The struggle is REAL with long hair).


This is what it looked like, beautiful, right?! I loved the lights!

20181214_215204 (1)

Me and Hannah!! I love this girl very much!!


Me and Piper! I love this girl! She makes me look like I’m 10 but I’m actually a year older than her, lol!


Me and Roli!! I love this girl!! I’m not really that short….. She had really tall heels on!! We’ll just go with that, Okay! Lol.


Me and Rachel! I love her LOTS! Here are some more pictures of Me and Rachel being crazy.

20181214_220647 (1)


That is just us being normal! We can get REALLY crazy!!


And here is me with my youth leaders!! I love them both SO MUCH!! They have done so much for us, and we could never repay them, but we can try! The sweetest people you will ever meet!!

My Pastor! I love him and his wife dearly!

All in all, it was a pretty good night! A night i will treasure for a long time. Thank you, for reading! I hope you enjoyed all the pictures! I only put a few on here, but we all took pictures for about 1 hour. Lol!

The reflection off of my camera lens.

A candle they had on the table.

And more decoration! Love it!

Tomorrow is a exciting day!

Short post:

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me and my youth group. Tomorrow is our annual YFT Christmas Banquet!🤗 YAY! I’m so excited!! This only happens once a year, so every year when it rolls around everyone gets so excited! We play games, sing (lots of singing, lol🎵🎤), eat, and more. And when it is over it is photo shoot time!!📸 We take some pictures then we take some more pictures and then more pictures! Lol! You can never have “to many” pictures! 😂 Stay tuned until tomorrow! I will have LOTS of pictures for you all to look at and enjoy! 😉 Thank you, all for reading!

Question of the day: What is the one thing you look forward to every year??

Mine would have to be TLC Youth Camp! 😉

I have a target on my back! And i wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Words just can’t describe what just happened at my youth service last night! (Only 3 hours ago).😂

Bro. Chad Short preached on “The Blessing of a death sentence!”. He said, “the devil put a target on your back the day you got the Holy Ghost!”. And he wants to put ANOTHER ONE on your back if you decide to follow God and NEVER turn back.

You are wondering why all of these bad things are happening to you. It’s because you have a TARGET on your back!! The devil is out to get you! And he wants you more, when you decide to follow God and never look back. He will do ANYTHING to make you lose out with God. ANYTHING!!!!

When you have the devil mad, you have God glad!!

When you choose your target, it’s showing the devil that you aren’t going to give up, no matter what!! But if you choose the target, the devil will NEVER be able to touch you. Because we have a God that has our back, and will never let the devil take us down!! Yes, it may get hard, but just hold on a little bit longer! God is Faithful!

KJV- Micah 7:8 “Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.”

When I fall, I shall arise!! Devil, you can try your best….But honey, you ain’t going to stop me!! I’ve got the Lord on my side and you can’t do NOTHING about it! The devil can attack me physically, spiritually, mentally, or any other way but I’m NOT going to give up! God has a plan for me and I’m going to see it through, In Jesus name!!

Do you want your target?!

Do you want to live for God with everything you have?!

Do you want the blessings of God?!

I WANT MY TARGET!! And I’m going to live for God with everything i have!

I have a target on my back, and I’m glad about it! I CHOOSE MY TARGET!!